My first ever 'website'. How you can start web dev.

Website code

Hey there! Welcome back or to my blog, today I will be showing you the very first website I had ever made. That is if you can even consider it to be one.

See the Pen Tribute Page FCC by Sivasaran Babu (@CaptainAtom) on CodePen.

Yeah.... you can be the judge of whether or not that abomination up there can even be considered a website. I don't think it is the best, but it ain't the worst either; I mean the whole point of a website is to convery information.

Yeah no, we are NOT calling that thing up there a website, the website on which you are currently reading(which will have gone through several updates long after this post) is completely made by me from scratch- of course along with my best friends Google and Stack overflow.

All nonsense aside, you might be wondering how YOU can start learning how to develop websites, and the simple answer is- click the 'click' below for a full course on web dev from the basics.