Coiling Dragon Saga - Quick review

Coiling dragon saga

The Coiling Dragon Saga:- Wo Chi Xi Hong Shi, Ren Woxing and Wuxiaworld, released in mid 2018, is one of the best Wuxia novels out there till this day. I'd read this series nearly a year ago, and I have to say that this is a must read for everyone and I highly recommend it.


Dragons are the most noble of creatures in existence, yet their lineage has declined to a level where their descendants must sell their heirlooms in order to live a regular life. Will this be the end of the noble lineage of the dragons, or will their descendants return basked in fame and glory ?


Raised in the small town of Wushan,Linley Baruch reveals stunning potential in the path of magic. During a battle between two god-like beings, a large portion of the town is destroyed. Linley is badly injured and is required to recuperate, he inadvertently binds a keepsake which emanates an etheral glow when his blood fell on it. Linley wakes up later to find the specter of an old man- Doehring Cowart.


A cute, little mouse that Linley had been feeding for months under the guidance of an expert, makes a life long bond with little Linley. Initially Bebe was a small, juvenile mouse, however as time went by his power grew but his apperance and character had undergone no change.

I honestly think this one of the best plots in the entire series of the Coiling Dragon Saga, personally I think the childish behaviour of Bebe is a nice deviation from the somber mood. As the story progresses Bebe and Linley develop a stronger bond with each other and consider themselves closer than even blood-related borthers.


The Coiling Dragon Saga was the first cultivation novel that I had ever read, a year and a half later, my thirst for such kind of novels continues. I really enjoy the progressive increase in the overall development of Linley and Bebe, the way they combine their efforts together every single time brings shows us the level of their relationship.

I love the progressive plot of this series which develops significantly during each book and ultimately ends in an epic climax. The author uses excellent phrasing and grammar in order to keep the reader reading, which worked as I finished this 8 book series in less than a week. Wuxiaworld and Ren Woxing (Translators) have done an excellent job in keeping the grammar and plot constant throughout.

The final question is, is this series worth reading? Absolutely, I recommend this series with all my heart and you must get a copy as soon as possible, I can guarantee you that you will not be disappointed. A quick suggestion, do NOT read this series in UNDER a week, I suggest you savor the plot and enjoy the storyline.