What is Speedcubing ?

Rubik's cube


Here are a few reasons why you MUST learn how to 'cube', i.e. learn how to solve a Rubik's cube. You will be reading as to why this such a crucial skill on which I lay emphasis on.


Have you ever wondered if you can improve yourself intellectually and then just end up dismissing the thought. Ever get the question if it is possible to increase one's aptitude, memory power and hand-eye coordination at the same time by doing ONE activity.

About the Rubik's Cube

Erno Rubik, the father of Rubik's cubes, initially designed the 3D puzzle- in the mid 1970s, as a learning aid for his students to help them comprehend three dimensional objects.

He attempted to solve the daunting object- which took several weeks before he could crack the logic of the puzzle he had made by a coincidence. Erno decided to strike a deal with a businessman to help popularize the puzzle. The Rubik's cube was featured in a television show supplemented by newspaper articles, on 1980. Thus the craze for the puzzle began and continues decades later.

Dexterity and Memory

This activity helps develop, improve or maintain finger dexterity and agility. Keeping your fingers in peak condiiton is critical in order to perform day-day activites. As people grow older, they lose their nimbleness, however, cubing can help maintain their healthy state. This activity not only keeps your hand in good condition, but it also helps improve your agility, which in turn helps in various activites like coding and typing.

Solving Rubik's cubes help improve your muscle memory and rate of memorisation. You are required to learn a certain sequence of commutators which ultimately help in solving the puzzle. Once again, improving this aspect of yourself is very important.

Focus, Logic and Perception

While learning to solve the puzzle at first, a lot of concentration and practice is imperative in order to learn how to crack the logic. After you have been 'cubing' for a reasonable amount of time, this practice is naturally implemented in your daily life. Having been a cuber over three years, I can confidently say that I have experienced significant improvement in the level of focus I have during each activity.

Contrary to what you think, the Rubik's cube is NOT solved by memorizing a plethora of combinations. What you need to know is how the pieces move when you execute a sequence of turns. This helps you improve your logical reasoning since you have to figure out which of the pieces is to be moved to another location.

The Rubik's cube has over 43 quintillion ways in which it can be scrambles, so you can decide for yourself, as to whether or not it is feasible to learn all those perumtations.

6 sides, 6 unique colors and 27 different pieces. Solving Rubik's cubes naturally helps you improve your overall perception as you have to be conscious of when you it is required to move a certain piece. Perception can be developed in many different ways, this is just one of the many out there. An increase in perception aids in development of recognition and reflexes in your daily life.

Social Interaction

A vast majority of the society tend to get flabbergasted when they observe a Rubik's cube being solved. If you are a person who is not very fond of social interactions, or just don't get the opportunity to stike a conversation with someone; well this your chance. Cubing gives other people and you ample opportunities strike a conversation.

I myself had never been too fond of interacting with people, however cubing made it so that other people would try to strike a conversation with me. After several incidents as such, I became much more comfortable while talking with both, people I know and don't know.

How cubing has changed a life.

Max Park is an American- World Class Speedcuber. When he was around 2 years old he was diagnosed with moderate/severe autism, the doctors stated that he would likely require assistance for the rest of his life. Max had trouble with social interactions and struggled with his motor-skills.

At the age of 10, Max started going to Rubik's cube competitions regularly as a hobby. Soon Max began to excel in the field of cubing, his motor skills had improved by a huge margin as compared to before. People began interacting with Max more and more, and he started to feel secure while talking to people.

Now several years later Max is a renowned world class speedcuber and has no requirement of any sort of assistance from anyone, all due to cubing.


If you've made it till here, you've definitely read how cubing can impact a person.

Should you start cubing? ABSOLUTELY, you will not regret it