What is touchtyping ?

Mac Keyboard

Have you ever wanted to type as quick as lightning without ever looking at your keyboard? Well, then this is the right post for you. Today I will be telling you what 'touch typing' is and how you yourself can learn it.

In simple terms, touch typing is just typing without looking at the keyboard; the basic principle here is to bind each of your fingers to a particular key on the keyboard, and your fingers embed the location of their assigned keys in muscle memory. The more you practice, greater the speed.

Why learn touch typing? Modern society revolves around computers and to maximise productivity in any activity you do related to computers, touch typing is a skill you must learn.

Imagine if you have to type out a 100 word essay in 30minutes, if you look at the keyboard for each and every letter/punctuation you might not finish in time or being in a hurry the essay will turn up bad. But imagine if you can type out words at almost the speed you think of your essay plot, you would finish it in at least 15minutes!

But... this is easier said than done, right ?

Wrong! Touch typing is really simple to start of with, all you need is a keyboard and access to the web.

I am going to assume that you are using the QWERTY layout, if you don't know if you are using as susch; just check go right 5 spaces from your 'Q' key and if you get the word "QWERTY", you're good. If you do not, I would suggest you find out what layout you are using as there are various different ones out there.

The website I recommend has the ability to teach touch typing across several different layouts.


Now if you don't believe that this can help you learn touch typing, look at the linear increase over several weeks in the graph below.

Yeah, you can see I started off at around 35-40 words per minute, and within a few months I peaked at 121 WPM.

With around 3-4 months of not so regular practice I can now type at an average speed of 95 words per minute, which is more than enough for my usage.

So if you've read this far, I really hope you'll begin touch typing, I think it is an essential skill that everyone must learn. If you have any questions, be sure to post them down in the comment section below and I wilil try my best to give you a satisfactory reply. Goodbye and good luck on your typing saga!