Think Different! Be yourself

Chess pieces with an odd one.

Think different. These are the words that dominate the world, the words that bring inspiration,confidence, boosted self-esteem, and united the like minded all over the world together. You don't just get world changing ideas, "I just got an idea and I'm off to change the world", this is a big no no. This is just not possible, in order to be succesful you have to shed blood and sweat, work your heart and mind out, and most of all give it all you got. Sweat and blood, the main components of a majority of the world's population was also a major part of the founder of a hegemony, Apple. Steve Jobs didn't just get his idea and become rich and succesful, if you don't know he even got fired from his own company and was scorned at for his new ideas.

Everyone in the world has the capacity to bring upon an impact that is world-shaking, it is just that you have to try and try your best. The Homo Sapiens have survived through many cataclysms and are natural survivors. Creation and innovation is a part of the Homo Sapiens. If you don't feel in place, you're not rejected, you're just unique and posess your own set of amazing skills.

This is something that I decided to post as it came to my mind all of a sudden. Hope you enjoyed this tiny tiny blog.