What are Progressive Web Apps ?

Phone and computer

PWA or progressive web apps are essentially websites that are indistinguishable from native mobile apps. This is an incredible platform which enables you to host a website and an app from the same codebase. The fact that neither the implementation or management is managed by a single company, makes the web a distinctive software to develop on.

In the early 2000's, offline features such as GPS and cameras, were introduced into apps. This led to a huge problem, web developers coundn't access the built in features of native apps.

Now however, things are very different, the integration of websites and apps has become feasible. For example- Twitter can be used on the browser, it can be downloaded as an app, and notably it can be used while offline, and has features such as notifications and cameras. The web is one step ahead and requires no cuts from the total revenue.

Platform-specific applications are extremely reliable. They are ever-present and they function regardless of network connection. They can access files from the local file storage/systemn access hardware connected devices and can manipulate and interact with the data stored in your device.

Progressive Web Apps are built and enhanced with modern tools and API's to deliever the best features throughout platforms, all while originating from a single codebase.

PWA's are built to be capable, reliable and instalable:

Capable - Only for since 2020 has the ability to seamlessly integrate websites and apps into one come into place, modern API's are aiming to expand the capablities of web apps to a greater extent

Reliable - Progressive Web Apps are fast and dependable regardless of the network availability. Users adore apps that respond to interaction in the blink of an eye, and an experience they can depend on.

Installable - Progressive apps are hosted on a separate window instead of a browser tab. Switching between devices is no problem, these web apps will adapt and feel like they are part of the device.

Hulu replaced their platform-specific desktop experience with a Progressive Web App and saw a 27% increase in return visits. Twitter saw a 65% increase in pages per session, 75% more Tweet. Nikkei saw 2.3 times more organic traffic, and 49% more daily active users.

Progressive Web Apps provide us with the opportinity to deliever a unique experience to our users. Equipped with the newest and enhanced features, users are bound to love your content.

Progressive Web Apps allow what you build to be installed by anyone, anywhere, on any device with a single codebase.