LitRPG, one of the most underrated genres


Literary role playing game or LitRPG for short is the integration of computer RPG's with fantasy and fiction novels. A few components of this genre of books include visible statistics like strength, wisdom magic. Dungeons and Dragons is NOT related to LitRPG, in fact those books are actual games. In LitRPG the protagonist is actually interacting with the game and its features, attempting to progress within it.

Chris Van Allsburg's Jumanji which is a genre branced out from LitRPG- called GameLit, in this the characters don't necessarily level up their skills, but they sort of become part of the world and survive.

Although LitRPG has beem around as a genre for over 30 years, it has gained traction only during the last 10 years. It started in South Korea, spread to Russia, and is now causing quite a stir in the American publishing scene.

They use simple but eloquent words. LitRPGs tend to be written as rapid page-turners. They rarely go on about the descriptions of characters, unless it’s about the planning of a character build.They include rapid action and focus on combat, and displaying prowess.

RPGs have gotten extremely good at motivating players through quest goals, level-ups, combat

You experience the same adrenaline when you read a LitRPG book. You feel that same thrill and excitement when the main character achieves epic and legendary feats. If you enjoy watching a playthrough of an RPG, I promise you, you’ll enjoy reading a LitRPG.

A few books that I recommend:

  1. Rise to Omniscience by Aaron Oster
  2. Reborn Apocalypse by L.M. Kerr
  3. The Heavenly Throne by Yuri Ajin

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