Around the World in 80 days - Quick summary


Le Tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours more commonly knowon as Around the World in Eighty days, is an adventerous novel written by Jules Verne. The main plot of the story revolves around an undisturbed and unflappable man- Phileas Fogg, who is followed along by his loyal but ingenious valet, whose main goal is to go around the world in 80 days- all to win a bet.


A meticulous, overly sophiscated and unchanging man, Phileas Fogg - hires a valet who has lived quite the adventures, Jean Passepartout is looking for a peaceful and tranquil stage in his life. Phileas bets with his comrades at the Reform club that he will make a journey around the world in eighty days or less; the wager is for an exuberant sum of 20,000 euros, which was half of Phileas's fortune. He figured that he would need the other half to assist him in his long, but soon to be memorable journey around the world.

No sooner did Fogg leave than someone resembling him had robbed a bank, his sudden departure wasn't very convincing either- thus the masses believed Fogg to be the thief. Mr. Fix, a detective, is sent to Suez, to await the steamer Mongolia, on which Fogg and Passepartout are traveling. The detective gets close to Passpartout, and, after learning that they will take the steamer to Bombay, he buys a ticket and joins them.

The steamer, Mongolia reaches Bombay before the arrest warrant arrives. A few hours before their departure to Calcutta, Passepartout gets the urge to visit a Hindu temple on the Malabar Hill; unaware that Christians are forbidden to enter the holy place and that shoes are not to be worn inside. He is beaten black and blue by the angry priests and barely makes it to the train station on time.

The steaemer travels throughout India and finally stops at the village Kholby- where Phileas learns that he was armed with the wrong information. The railroad that Phileas had planned to use was not yet completed and this passengers were required travel to the city of Allahabad to continue their journey. Fogg purchases an elephant and the service of a Parsi, who is the elephant driver.

Fogg and Passepartout are arrested in Calcutta for Passepartout's intrusion into the holy temple at the Malabar Hill. Fogg bribed and bails via a steamer for Hong Kong. The detective Fix, hoped that the sentences and the set back would be enough for the warrant from London to arrive. Passepartout to secures cabins on a boat to Yokohama and learns that its departure has been rescheduled. Passepartout refuses and Fix drugs him with opium, preventing him from returning to Fogg. What do you think happened to Fogg ?

Passepartout arrives in Yokohama penniless and clueless as to where Phileas is. He decides to join a traveling circus, and coincidentially meets Fogg, who was on his way to San Francisco. The train trip is uneventful until it reaches the Medicine Bow, where a signalman tells them that the suspension bridge is unstable and would not be able to bear the weight of the train. A storm prevents the use of sails and the coal supply is low. Fogg purhcases the ship from the captain and commences using its wooden materials as fuel for the ship. No sooner did they arrive in Liverpool than Fix arrests Fogg. Hours later, Fix gets news that another man was responsible for the bank robbery, and he releases Fogg. To Fogg's dissapointment he arrives in London FIVE minutes too late to win his wager.

The following evening Fogg profusely apologizes to Aouda for her lack comfort as a result of losing the bet. She in turn proposes to him, and he elatedly agrees.



Hope you guys have a somewhat decent understanding on what is going to happen in this lively narrative/adventurous novel. If you want me to review any other books, do let me know down in the comments below, Adios!