An excellent resource for Speedcubing


My cubing journey goes back several years and I can confidently say that I consider myself a veteran....kinda. Yeah I do, anyways this blog is dedicated to brining to light a few underrated resoursces for speedcubing, which I wish I had access to years ago.

This blog is not a promotion but an article to spread news of excellent cubing sources.

Without further ado:

  • - I assume many of you already know of this, but it had to be mentioned. This website is simply a godsend that even I use a occasionally and I assure you that it will help you some way or another regardless of what level you are.
  • - Extremely high quality videos that helped me break through several barriers, I highly recommend his tutorials.
  • - His break down of notable solves are truly amazing and anyone can always learn something new through his analysis of high level solves.

These are a few that came outta the top of my head, I'll be sure to update or publish a new blog if I happen to remember a few others!