Jitter VS Butterfly Clicking - Brief

Mouse(keyboard and mouse, mouse)

Gaming has always been a healthy sport, but now online games have gone chaotic due to clicking. Players are practicing different techniques to click as many times possible in 5/10 seconds.

Difference between Clicking

In jitter clicking, you click while pointing your finger down, holding the mouse normally. It is considered slower than butterfly clicking.

An average person jitter click about 8-12 CPS(clicks per second).

In this technique, you can click faster than normal clicking. A quick burst of clicking in a short period can get you a lot of clicks in seconds.

Butterfly clicking is clicking your mouse as fast as you can with two fingers, usually your index finger and your middle finger, and therefore gives you a higher clicks per second if done properly. The average CPS is much higher than jitter clicking, and can go even higher if double clicking is available.


The jitter click technique is used to get you maximum clicks in seconds which is, of course, the advantage of being a gamer.

Whereas in butterfly click the player used both the fingers with multiple finger spams to achieve multiple clicks at a given period.


Both ways have their advantages and disadvantages. Whereas jitter clicking it can affect your health by tensing the button hard. There can be aggressiveness that can also cause health issues.

But butterfly click is considered to be controversial. It has also been banned in some areas due to the controversy.

Due to rapid usage and fast striking friction is produced and this friction is supposed to cause arthritis which is one of the main health issues.

Why Jitter Clicking?

Due to advancements in online games, the demand for clicking has reached the next level.  This technique is all about controlling your hand. The more vibration a hand makes in a short time the more efficient it gets in clicking.


Every technique should be practiced within limits keeping in mind that this is just a game. If you won’t be careful your median nerves can be compressed due to perpetual clicking.