National Muffin Day - not joking


I bet that almost everyone would agree that muffind are a treat, they're easy to make, easy to carry and eat and look fantastic in all occasions.

Everyone has their way of eating muffins. Some chew through them rapidly, while others take their time to savour the flavour.

But regardless of how you eat your muffins, or even don't eat any, National Muffin Day really has a nice ring to it right ?

History of National Muffin Day

National Muffin Day might be a big fancy thing now, but its origins are truly humble and simple. It started when an employee in an IT company- Jacob Kaufman, started handing out muffins to the homelss in his locality occasionally. It was such a success that he started doing it regularly and baking more muffins to meet the demand. Some people even began affectionately referring to him as “The Muffin Man”.

Kaufman said that his eyes were trained to be ignore thehomeless and needy people. But when he began giving out muffins he started feeling something he had never felt before, he realised that these people were not to be ignored, but instead started considering them as humans who needed a bit more attention.

Julia Levy picked up on his story, she articulated what he was doing in a blog post on the theme of ordinary philanthropists. After talking with one another, the duo soon realized that they could use the appeal of Kaufman’s muffin experience to help many more homeless and needy.

The result of the conversation was the inception of National Muffin Day back in 2015, an opportunity for people to bake muffins and raise money for homeless shelters.

So what do you think of National Muffin Day now ? I think the story behind this occasion is one to remember- it proves that no matter what status you are in you can always find some way to help someone in need.