Artemis Fowl Movie Review


The Aretmis Fowl movie took about 20 years, yes TWENTY years to release, but regardless of having all the time the movie seems.... incomplete?

For the sake of maintaining the time of the movie, book 1 and 2 were crammed up into 90 minutes, this 'cramming' up really made the plot and character development a joke.

The main plot is nothing too fancy, there’s a world below human feet in which trolls and other mythical creatures exist in, and Aretmis- the protagonist learns to travel through this strange new world.

Brilliant and rebellious 12-year-old Artemis Fowl, ends up being a clueless, confused, manipulated piece, unlike a hegemonical force to be recokned with like the book. The thieving dwarf Mulch Diggums says, “Do not underestimate the kid.” But as played by sweet-faced newcomer Ferdia Shaw, Aretmis is portayed as a spolied kid rather than the crazy mastermind from the books.

The ostentatious and grand Fowl Manor, along the Irish coast indeed is impressive. Haven City in the world beneath is the home to the LEPrecon fairy police force, run by an elf-like creature,a bored-looking Judi— is appropriately a mix of outdated-tech, magic and highly advanced moden mahincations.

There’s always an epic fight, generic villain, world ending/dominative plans etc. There indeed is a lot of work in this movie but the magical part is minimal.

I tried to limit the amount of information I wanted to convey in case you haven't already read the book and want to watch the movie(if that's the case, please read the book if you can).