How I started Speedcubing.

Rubiks' cube

It was just another boring, regular day at school in 7th grade(2018); that was until I saw a classmate of mine fiddling about with a strange object making sounds like that of a vassal of horror, having gotten curious as to what he was so into- I decided to take a peek.

And my my, I would have never realised that, that one tiny peek would impact me for several years to come.

He(my friend) was practicing for a talent show to be conducted that day, and he was to go on stage and solve the Rubik's cube. No sooner did the show get over than I went straight to him and asked him for guidance on how I can go about solving that baffling monstrosity. He being a very generous person decided to instill my then tiny brain with the knowledge on how to solve a Rubik's cube. Needless to say his teaching was anything but helpful, but that didn't deter 'tiny me'.

Having gone home and ordered one of the Rubik's cubes of the lowest price, I waited, and waited, and waited. In the wake of a few days (which felt like a whole year to me at that time), the long awaited package had arrived.

As any person would, I tried mixing up the colors and solving the cube by myself, but yeah that didn't work out so well-it didn't work out at all.

Subsequently I went to Youtube and looked up a tutorial on how to solve a Rubik's cube, and after many many hours, I did it. I'd solved a Rubik's cube all by myself albeit with a tutorial- but that doesn't count, I had solved it by myself.

Needless to say I got addicted to solving the cube, I even went to the level of solving in classes(don't do this). I was(still am) just so fascinated with the plethora of combinations and spectrum of colors formed each time it was solved and couldn't help myself.

-- 3 years later in 2021 --

I can't believe that it has been THREE whole years since I started cubing, I can't quite utter in words all that cubing has done for my during these few years. If you are intersted in knowing a few things on how cubing has imacted me as a person and can impact you as well, check out my blog on 'What is Speedcubing'.

Here is a quick note: I now have over THIRTY different kinds of Rubik's cubes, I am a national level solver and have attended 3 international competitions, have taught over 10 people how to solve the Rubik's cube, and I average just under 6.8 seconds.

That's all for this post, if you wanna hear more about my cubing journey or any topic in fact, just leave down a comment below and I will make a post on it.