My favourite activity during the lockdown!


Soo we've all been in a lockdown for over a year now, and I am bored out of my mind; no social interaction, public events, competitions and even a walk in the park is quite the rarity. Lemme let you in on a secret- I am not actually that bored; "How?" you might ask, well my friend, that is for you to discover.

VIOLIN! Yes, during the lockdown that has spanned for over a year, I have started learning the violin. It is such a unique instrument with 2 counter-parts, and requires a baffling amount of co-ordination. This melodious and lyrical instrument has been the light in the darkness for me, the violin has helped me get rid of my boredom(which was a lot I promise you), and gives me a meagre increase in self-esteem.

At first playing this 4 stringed instrument was quite the challenge as I had never ever attempted to play the violin, it looked baffling and intidimating at first and I began to doubt myself. I started to wonder if I could learn this instrument, would it sound good, could I even hold the 2 parts right ? The motivation prior to the doubt had gone to oblivion, the confidence and determination to learn the instrument started disappearing bit by bit.

Was this the end though? Obviously not! Having decided to try out my luck, I set forth on an adventure to learn the basics of the violin from my music teacher; sure the practical work was quite the pain on my fingers, as they say no pain, no gain. I was not used to the semi-sharp edges of the 4 strings, and honestly though I expected the pain, I didn't expect the unexpected. After a couple of weeks of playing the violin the layers of skin on my fingers started to develop a certain kind of resistance and endurance towards the strings. My determination was once again ignited and I continued learning the violin with more confidence and attention.

The violin served as a tap for all the anxiety and stress that had developed during the lockdown, and honestly this instrument was(and still is) a blessing in disguise. It helped divert my mind and energy into a semi-productive task, made my mind calmer and also assisted in reducing my consternation.

Surprisingly playing the violin helped improve my overall posture, due to the lack of several sports during the lockdown combined with the time sitting in front of electronic devices, made my posture akward and uncomortable. Playing the violin calls for exemplary and astute posture, without which you will be doing everything wrong.

Exposure to a new instrument allowed my to explore a plethora unique cultural music from all around the world; gaining this kind of knowledge can be memorised but when you are learning an instrument with passion and determination, it's just engraved somewhere into your mind. I might not immediately know the answer to a question related to cultural music, but I will for sure get the answer if I think about it for some time. Learning Music is just another way to gain some knowledge. As they say, 'The pen is mightier than the sword'.

Interaction with other people who play the violin, and any instrument for a matter of fact, gave(and still gives) me a sense of belonging to a community of people who are all passionate about music. Imagine this, you are surrounded by a group of people who have your interests, how good would that be !? That is the feeling that I get being part of the musical community, even if it is online.

Being a part of the online music community is something I recommend that everyone must do, even if you do not play any instrument. I promise that it will be an amazing experience for you, you will learn many new things from professionals and beginners likewise, who knows- you might even be motivated to start learning an instrument yourself!

Playing the violin has also improved my motor skills by a noticeable level, it has not made me ambidextrous, but it has played a role in making my left hand take the initiative in several situations.

Here are a few interesting facts about the violin:

  • Over 70 different pieces of wood are put together to form the modern violin!
  • Violin bows(the stick) generally contain 150 to 200 hairs. They can be made up of  a variety of materials including nylon and horse hair.
  • Violins are normally made out of maple or spruce wood.
  • The most expensive violin in the world is valued at $18 million.
  • Playing the violin burns approximately 170 calories per hour!!
  • The world record in cycling backwards playing a violin is 60.45 kilometres in 5 hours 8 seconds(this is very random)

Violin lessons boost the cognitive capacity. Many studies show that playing the violin (and other musical instruments) even for just a year improves the memory capacity of your brain. It can also improve your reading skills, language processing, speech and attention span.

So should YOU start playing the violin ? Absolutely, the violin is not only looks epic, but also sounds melodious and symphonic. You will definitely feel a change for the better and will be motivated to learn more after you get past the initial few weeks.

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That's all for today! See ya later!